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Copertina Etsy 1200X300
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our Essence & our Journey

Etru Jewelery s.r.l. was founded in 2016 by an idea of three 40 year olds from Arezzo who combine their experiences to create a new idea of a company in the Arezzo goldsmith’s world.

A study on workmanship and materials that comes from a twenty-year experience in the production of precious fabrics, which has allowed us to create innovative solutions, always keeping it strong and present the spirit of craftsmanship and tradition.

This spirit allows us today to make a craft product using the technologies of Home-made industrialisation. Machinery produced in economy, which maintain the right balance between craftsmanship, tradition and production capacity and have enabled us to create innovative semifinished products protected by industrial patents.

Today we are a reality fresh and new in the niche of fabrics made of precious metals. Our mission is the continuous research of materials and processing techniques, which can offer our customers an ever increasing quality and novelty.

the Crochet & the Frame are our Abode

We are specialized in the processing of fabrics with traditional crochet and knitting techniques, creating customized models for our customers. To these manual processes we have added a frame production to meet the growing demands of an artisanal product, but with production capacity in keeping with the reality of a dynamic and demanding market.