Snake Fabrics Scarves

  • SCTC-00007
  • SCTC-00007-RUTENIO
  • SCTC-00007-ROSA
  • SCTC-00007-RODIO
  • SCTC-00006
  • SCTC-00006-RUTENIO
  • SCTC-00006-ROSA
  • SCTC-00006-RODIO
  • SCTC-00005-RUTENIO
  • SCTC-00005-RODIO
  • SCTC-00004
  • SCTC-00004-RUTENIO
  • SCTC-00004-ROSA
  • SCTC-00004-RODIO
  • SCTC-00003
  • SCTC-00003-RODIO
  • SCTC-00002
  • SCTC-00002-RUTENIO
  • SCTC-00002-ROSA


With our main priority being focusing on the quality, we’ve been able to develop a pretty wide range of outstanding handmade jewelry!

Every piece in the Goldcrest collection is handmade in 18ct yellow, rose or white gold, with a number of designs also available in platinum. For clients looking for an extra personal touch, we offer a bespoke service to help them achieve that truly individual design.

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